Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (updated from 25 May 2018)

By using this site to access Continued Professional Development or accessing any CPD events offered on this site by The Academy or any of its partners you are agreeing to all terms & conditions associated with event/course places including all charging and cancellation policies.


Event/course fees are detailed on the course detail tab. For both chargeable courses/events and those offered free of charge cancellation fees will be applicable as per the cancellation policy detailed below. Delegates allocated places on multi-session courses should attend all sessions, failure to do so could result in cancellation fees levied for all sessions.
The course fee will include the following:

• a place on the CPD event
• access to resources and materials needed at the CPD event (on occasion a specific publication or piece of ICT software may be included in the course fee - this will be clearly advertised in the course outline). Other materials may be available on our website to download
• tea/coffee will be available
Invoices will be raised approximately 2 weeks in advance. The payment terms and options are detailed on the invoices.

Cancellation Policy

To ensure the most beneficial use of funding, decisions on course viability are made as far in advance as possible, usually four weeks before the course is due to take place. Once the decision has been made to run a course, The Academy is then liable for all charges relating to venue and delivery costs for that session. For this reason, it is necessary to have policies in place to recover any costs incurred due to cancellation or non-attendance.
We appreciate that there are occasions when delegates are unable to attend training due to illness, staff shortages or for personal reasons and that this is often at short notice, however cancellation and non-attendance charges will apply. Settings may nominate a substitute delegate if appropriate.

Cancellation and non-attendance charges

Please note that a strict cancellation and non-attendance policy applies to all bookings:

• The full course fee will apply to all non-attendance or cancellation with less than 14 days’ notice (please note for free of charge events, a fee of £25 will apply)
• No charge if more than 14 days’ notice is given

Cancellation/Non-attendance by an Academy Learner

If you are an Academy Learner you may be required to attend some courses on CPD Online to complete your qualification. Our policy has been updated to include the following

- Any course that is mandatory or highly recommended for your qualification is provided free of charge.
- If a mandatory or recommended course is cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice or non-attendance on the day, the course fee will be applied and invoice sent to the setting if this course is rebooked.

The fee to rebook the course will only be waived if there is an exceptional reason the Academy learner could not attend, and must be discussed and agreed with your assessor.

Cancellation or non-attendance of LSCB courses

Places on LSCB courses are pre-paid by The Academy for Central Bedfordshire early years settings. Non-attendance or late cancellation (less than 14 days) will result in your setting incurring the full fee as advertised on CPD Online.


Applications can be made on-line either by individual staff or via the organisation’s CPD Contact. Where an organisation uses a dedicated CPD Contact authorisation process, all applications by individual staff will be emailed to their authoriser for approval before acceptance on the course.

Places are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply as soon as possible to facilitate the decision-making process regarding the viability of any event.

It is essential that all places on events are pre-booked, including those offered free of charge. Failure to do so could result in any of the following:

• you will not receive pre-course information or details of alterations in content, timing or venue;
• insufficient catering will be provided for the event;
• the training room may not be adequate for the number of delegates, which could have health and safety implications;
• insufficient training resources/materials will be available.

The Academy and its partners reserve the right to prevent delegate(s) from taking part in a course which has not been pre-booked.

Confirmation of booking

After making an event/course application, delegates will receive notification when their application has been approved or declined by their CPD Contact, where CPD Contact authorisation is required. Once authorised, the application will be held pending allocation of an event place by the event administrator. Applicants will be sent notification if they are successful in being allocated an event place.

Waiting Lists

In the event that a course is oversubscribed, applicants will be placed on a waiting list and wherever possible, provided applicant numbers are sufficient, the course leader is available and a training venue can be found, a repeat course may be offered.

Changes to Courses

Every attempt will be made to provide the event/course in the form described in the course outline. In the event that there are significant changes (for example, date or venue) delegates will be notified of these changes.

In the event that a course has to be cancelled by The Academy due to low delegate numbers, a minimum of two working days’ notice of cancellation will be given to those delegates allocated a place.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances i.e. bad weather conditions or tutor illness delegates will be notified where possible as soon as the circumstance is known. The venue will also be notified of the situation.
Certificates of attendance

Delegates should attend for the whole learning time as advertised and complete an online evaluation in order to be able to print their certificate of completion. Certificates may be withheld at the discretion of trainers in cases where full attendance has not been possible.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Academy and its partners are committed to protecting your privacy when you use our services. Our full Central Bedfordshire regulation policy can be found by clicking on the below link.


We recently updated our Privacy Policy as part of the changes resulting from GDPR. You can read the full policy below, which gives more information as to what personal information we collect, why and how we use it. The Privacy Policy can be found on the bottom of the main page on CPD Online.


Commitment to Quality

The Academy and its partners are committed to providing a high quality professional development and training programme, including:

• accessible venues
• expert course facilitators
• high standard of course content which is informed by relevant research and best practice
• sensitivity to the experience and needs of participants
• evaluation of service so that improvement can be identified.

Inclusion and Equality

All of our professional development and training courses are designed to ensure equality of access and to meet the needs of the target audience. We are committed to promoting inclusive practice when working with children and young people. Please let us know if you have any specific needs.